Monthly Archives: January 2017

now that I can’t sleep, I try to remember what happened 20 years ago.

I remember that summer of 1997, I saw Pollyanna for the second time at the W’gong UniBar. the band is no longer there, nobody I know or went to school with, perhaps still remember this band. because I remember only a few of us enjoying their music.

am glad I was in the middle of their prime days.

I remember spending that new years eve doing extra hour for that chinese delivery Fortune Palace down at Kenny St. and make huge dollars that night. remember this is the time before the asian financial crisis. AUD was still 2000 against IDR. what a good time to make that extra dollar and spend on drugs 😂

am glad I survived the pressure.

I remember that it was hugely popular among my fellow countrymen, that student to be either on the ‘drugie’ side or the ‘religious’ side. for those on the middle, we be a good watch. trust me, I was among these people during our nation finest hour. but it was also a sad time, because some of them didn’t make it through 98. some of them are forced to discontinue the study, some of them are leisurely enjoying their ancestor’s trust fund.

well this bits and pieces were written as I reminder that an era will be changed. a trend, a fashion statement, your ‘cool crowd’, your scene; they change over time, over money, all over again.

am glad that I witness thoselittle pieces of history.

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