Monthly Archives: November 2016

am an Investor

I invest my time, my thought and my money in pak Jokowi to become my president not some “pimpinan proyek”
if his word and meaning of work is to visit big project instead of seeing and listening to these hundreds of thousand of protesters, then he is not the president that I want for having that narrow vision. this is a bad investment. 

despite the fact that we’re a hard worker, we’re also a nation of thoughts, hearts and minds. if he suggest we should get back to work, business as usual and forget about yesterday, am not buying it. that is some cold shit man.

it is true that there is a political actor that drives this. but that is not an excuse for the rest of us to keep working. you are a political actor as well, you’re the president and you need to be at the center of this. and this time we all need to sit down and really listen to everyone. 

Indonesia isn’t built in a day and definitely isn’t built for workers. we’re a nation. a collective thoughts not a hive-mind. many ethnics not just one. we’re complex. and therefore, we are in the need a complex solution.

in the end, please listen to these people and put those rioters to sleep. if you want to be cold, be that cold.

some investors may want their money back. am not. still have faith in there somewhere. but just like any good investor, I have opinion. the opinion that needs to be considered.