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Motley Crue’s Final Tour!

Vince Neil (left to right), Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee of the band Motley Crue will disband after ‘The Final Tour’ wraps at the end of 2015.

…and therefore I shall be there one more time!

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Soal Upah

soal upah

karena besok senin, mari kita bicara soal upah.

coba link ini:

setelah itu bandingkan pendapatan kita dengan pekerjaan lain di beberapa negara.

upah gue, 2 kali upah supir di afrika selatan dan hanya setengah gaji dokter di yunani.

upah loe gimana?

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No Soul, No Future

towards disasters and things that i would not see

a hero to the masses to those born without chances
there’s a freedom that everyone deserves

i know there’s greed and corruption
i’ve seen death and mass destruction
but am telling you and i hope that i am heard

i will not be commanded
i will not be controlled
i will not let my future go on without the help of my soul – at #41

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Urusan Pengentasan Kemiskinan

masalah sosial hari ini

barusan pak mensos bilang kalo ada 19 kementrian or kementrian level yang handling urusan ‘pemberantasan kemiskinan’

– lembaga-lembaga tsb jadi gak fokus dengan bidangnya masing-masing.
– hari ini mereka pakai untuk urusan pencitraan politis. kadang jatohnya jadi kepentingan partai.
– programnya model ‘yg penting ada’ daripada yang berkelanjutan.

urusan orang miskin jadi komoditas untuk program program yang tidak membumi!

bener nih, belum siap orang Indonesia untuk gaspol di #2020

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Kebahagiaan Digital

bahagia, adalah ketika Path tersambung dengan WordPress. Hooray!! |

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welcoming 2014

its only 6 years towards 2020. most international organizations set their major and prominent goals on this date to mark the 20th year since the beginning of the millennia.

for example, The US is still setting higher bars on tertiary education while it is the already high standard. it needs constant improvement to prep the future generations to keep going. although some concerns arising, it is still one of the best bet in investment. HUMAN CAPITAL

so what will happen to Indonesia? we will take a look on 3 things of what is in front of us.

first, let us begin with next year, 2015, when the ASEAN Free Trade is in place. this means ASEAN members have agreed to enact zero tariff on most imports.

what does it mean to us? we need to strengthening on what have, LAND. we still have issues on this matter: land rights, ownerships, reform, mapping and policies.

what should we do? we focus our land issues on destination management. with the resources that we have so far, we need to protect it by making it more attractive to non-exploitation industry such as DESTINATION MANAGEMENT. its not just the tourism industry, but TECHNOLOGY, TRANSPORT and ACCOMMODATION with all the value chain propositions kept locals and locally managed. supporting and protecting small businesses.

second, we should look at 2017 where ASEAN will be looking at its borders to protect of their investment in transportation and maritime products. this means that Indonesia be the most south-east part of the ASEAN region. in terms of defines and security, Indonesia will play major part. now pay attention to this, if military spending is about to be doubled, means that their LOGISTICS and support systems need to be prepared likewise.

when it comes to securing border, it is often we are faced 3 things: Resources, Race and Territory. we interested in the first, Resources. this spell ENERGY SECURITY to the rest of us. for energy companies, this is a double-edged knife that needed to be taken care of. not just the innovation and the invention but also relationship with the gate keeper of the nation, the Military. once borders have been set up, a work in progress will be commenced.

last, we should look at 2020 itself. with the current state of education system, 6 years from now we will have skill gap between our human resources and professional demands. there will be talent shortages that Indonesia can only supply 56% of the demand.

skill gap is something systemic that only an EDUCATIONAL REFORM can take care of. in short, education need to be reformed that school is no longer part of workforce supply system. it needs to become  innovation and invention channelling institutions. we are not just talking about basic and tertiary education, we are talking about involvement of companies that willing to spend on nurturing future leaders. the fact that only 22% of Indonesian youth go to uni, we need to focus and realigned our business and policies towards:

  • workforce planning,
  • recruitment,
  • training,
  • career development,
  • performance management,
  • employer branding,
  • people practices,
  • and meritocracy.

believe me when I said this, the current capacity and capability of our current HR experiences and knowledge today is too far below standard if we need to make huge leapfrogs in such short period of time. we need a revolution in managing organisations. we need to think outside the box. but do we know where are our boxes are?

may the force be with us all.