what my kids should learn from Monster University

it is a perfect school holiday movie. there are lessons everywhere. I wish my kids can read this right now so they can ask me in person the point that I make in this blog as they watch the movie. this really comes handy in the school situation where they face their peer, competition, and teachers. the following will shape their characters and their system of thinking. gosh I wish I can speak to them as I write this blog as well…

1. inspiration, more than motivation

when you’re down,I doubt that there are people in this world that can motivate you to get back up unless you are willing to do so. but there are many people that will inspire you from corners of your world and sometimes you just need to open your heart, mind and will to see them.

2. we have limitation, its a gift. be all you can be.

you are born not built. you built your own mind fill them with imagination and ideas. you are not perfect. you can not control of what’s given but you can control how you use your imperfection.

3. read. the lines and between the lines.

what I said and what I do is sometimes contradictory. that is because naturally we don’t want confrontation, we want to please everyone. the fact is that you just can’t. so be smart and think. what I said is sometimes is not what I meant. I know its confusing, but just try to do what I said and say what I do in front of me. you need me to guide you through your life. I need you to be my mirror.

4. people let you down is a fact, sad is a choice

I think this is pretty straight forward. life is an option. you can’t control people’s opinion about you. but you can control your feeling, judgement and action towards it.

5. teamwork and leadership. my way, your way or our way.

now, this is a tricky one. 5 minutes is all it takes to make an omelette but building a relationship or an organization takes a lifetime. because it is not just about the result. it is about the processes and the journey you make with your partner, spouse and colleagues. you can’t expect people to understand you when you don’t talk.

6. don’t get caught, is mental model for tiptoeing

sometimes the best approach to things is direct approach. just go forward with what you need. ask people questions without hesitation of being rejected or questioned back. like Nike said: Just Do It.

7. miracles do happen

the universe has its own way of saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’; don’t fight it, be with it, synchronize your life with it.

8. teacher can be wrong. surprise them with your grit

grit is what you need to do point number 6. like clock, be persistence, be clear of what you want.  teachers are people, and sometimes they are wrong.

9. it is important to prove yourself, but much important if you do it in moderation

don’t get cocky kids. nobody likes you when you brag about things. we all know that failure is a delayed success. but once you have succeeded, do you know what to do with such achievement?  do you know how to win gloriously and still respected by your competitor or even enemies? the key is moderation. don’t get too excited when you are winning and don’t be too sad when you lose.

10. be nifty when you choose an opportunity

opportunity does not present twice. but how do you know that it is the right ones? interesting question, because you will never know. it is best to use gut feeling, stick with your choice and be responsible with it!

11. start with what you have, start small and ace everything

we don’t have all the resources that you needed to be succeeded in life. start with what you have and have fun! look inside of what your passion is, align your life accordingly, be good in what you love. be real good. and don’t forget to look after those that can not fulfill their dream.

there are the points that I need to make it clear with my kids today and for the rest of their life.

hope this ends well…




…this post is dedicated to Nabila, Zeeva and Rahzel. if you stuck in life, read this…


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