what is it about Lawless Jakarta?

what is it about Lawless Jakarta that I deeply passionate about? its not just a clothing company, its a community.

first, the owners are that of the diversified breed. think about these people: a creative individual, art-school scholar, frontman in one of the best-selling indy-labelled metal band in Indonesia in charge of design and soul of the shop. a voice talent, radio-host, bassist in the previously mentioned band in charge of finance and making sure that the shop runs as it should. another radio host, telented MC, social media darling, writer of best-selling book about how to improperly wear a sarong in charge of social media and online shop. a bike customizer with a midas touch for vintage look and out of the box parts replacements in charge of the store. and lastly me, the person who shares ideas and make things happen for living in charge a bit of store management. look at that, how the hell these people get along in the first place?

secondly, what we do in Lawless is mostly NSFW 18+ activities. very niche market, perhaps hated by many traditionalist yet loveable to those that into Kustom Kulture. we ride vintage motorcycle around town, rain or shine. mostly shine, the only thing we want to get wet is our ladies, ha! we listen to Motörhead, we take pictures of girls on customized motorcycle. we drink beer to celebrate life and wash out pains away. we invite public to see what Kustom Kulture is all about. we are not exclusive society. we are among common people, the difference is that we just stand on the edge of things and we walk what we talk.

third, its not always about production. our production management is a unique process. it does not only depend on sales goals, we cater collaboration. infact, collaboration makes us tick. we believe that market need to be educated. at the same time, we like our niche as well. this is our value. check out our collaboration with SSMC. we put customized motorcycles and artwork in a same room. we put Big V-twin at the same stage with a Lambretta. we respect equality and value customization at the same time. this unusual collaboration creates unusual event that leads to cutting-edge ideas.

having said those above, I think its suffice to say that we are part of community that creates room for improvement to our own self. this is important for us. and as a business, we also improving our production line and hence, boost revenue. but its not business as usual. because we dont want usual result.



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