reprhase – a message for social movements and social entrepreneurs.

there’s a blind man sitting helplessly around a street corner.

he posted ‘I AM BLIND, PLEASE HELP ME’ and put a bucket for money donation.

a lot of people walking pass by but only a few throw out coins.

a lady stop by and wonders. she started to change the writings on the board.

people started to actually reading it, smiles and giving money!

the blind man ask her if she changed the message. I didn’t change the message, i just rephrase it, she said.


now that’s the art of rephrasing. we all should suspend the thinking model on how we percieve things in order to bring values.

this goes to all the individuals, organizations and movements that have a purpose to systematically solve a systemic issues in society.

it is possible to send a guilt-free message to public and further i will discuss on how it is more healthy to society and more likely to sustain your social venture.

instead of thinking what failed others think and brag about it, bring something fresh, new and valuable to society.

do your damn thing and get things done!


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